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Dynamic Remarketing comes to Shopify

I’m Paul Isaac, one of the partners at SalesForReal.  I’ve been running a Google Ads agency for the last ten years and I implement dynamic remarketing for most of my clients.  It’s one of the most powerful tools for bringing extra sales to an e-Commerce website.

The only drawback: It’s not easy to set up.

Google Dynamic Remarketing is an App which will take care of the difficult stuff for you. You also get simple instructions to set up the campaign itself, plus tips on how I set up top-performing campaigns for my own customers. And if you don’t want to be bothered with any of the steps, we have a cost-price tariff to take care of it for you.

Why dynamic remarketing?

Because it’s just the one that works.

You might have heard of remarketing (also called retargeting, it’s the same thing), where someone visits a site and then later they see ads for it on other sites they go to. It’s pretty neat, but like almost everything else in web marketing, there are people out there ready to exaggerate just how good it is.  What I found with a lot of my e-commerce clients was that the sales from standard remarketing still barely covered the advertising costs.

When dynamic remarketing came along it made all the difference.  Dynamic remarketing reminds people of products they already showed an interest in, and it suggests products which Google’s algorithm has determined may tempt them.  It’s the very essence of focussed marketing.  Show your clients the right thing and they’ll buy (even if they didn’t get around to it the first time).

We did everything for you

Coding- done!

Dynamic remarketing takes more than just installing a simple piece of code. It needs to pass parameters back and forth.  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Installation - done!

Obviously.  That’s what the app is for. ?

Setup made easy

As well as the plugin, we wrote some simple instructions to guide you through the whole process including setting your ads up and everything that goes with that.

Help at hand

We believe that with our support you can do the whole setup yourself including the product feed and the advertisements. If you really don’t want to, we have a low-price tariff for any of the steps and we’ll do it for you.

What You’ll Get

Easy-to-install app

App Central

The control center for your plugin

Documentation library

Step-by-step through any of this you don’t know

App support

Of course we are going to see you get it up and running!

Remarketing secrets

Included in our support is Paul’s Dynamic Remarketing strategy.  As perfected on all his clients since Google first released Dynamic Remarketing.

Advertising help

We’ll show you how to set up the advertising itself.  We want to see you fully up and running.

Modifications hotline

If our product doesn’t meet all your needs, we’re listening.

Updates and fixes

Google and Shopify are constantly changing.  We follow them right along, this is a Live product.


Choose A Plan That Works For You

Really no hidden extras.  You get 30 days free trial then you pay the price on the can.  (Well, it’s not really a can. Or even a box.  Just the price list below.)

Hopefully we’ve convinced you …

… but if you still have questions, please reach out to us on questions@salesforreal.com

And don’t forget the 30 day trial. You get a whole month to try out our app!