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According to Google, Smart Shopping campaigns are the bee’s knees. Yeh, I’m kinda paraphrasing there.  Anyway, they’re supposed to be the default option.  Smart Shopping campaigns are designed to automate where your ads go and how much you’ll pay for clicks or conversions.

I say, test first. My own experience has not always been positive.

Nevertheless, I’m sort of convinced that things are moving in that direction and I am using them in several of my accounts. If you are not overly experienced with running Google Shopping, they can also be an easy way to get started.

But they can do more than just run your shopping campaign. They are also capable of running the associated dynamic remarketing for you. Here’s what Google says:

“This campaign subtype combines Standard Shopping and display remarketing campaigns, and uses automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and business across networks.” [My italics.]


The only thing is, you need the dynamic remarketing code on your site to make that happen because dynamic remarketing campaigns need the data about which pages were visited.  Only that code will pass it to them.

So, in conclusion, if you want to maximise all that a Smart Shopping campaign can do for you, install that code. You can follow Google’s instructions to do that, or … here comes the ad … make it easy on yourself and use our very nice app.